The modified mutation of metamorphosis

My art style changes just as I myself develop. I am constantly looking for refinements and other possibilities of expression within my painting style. The surprise at first glance is just as important as the subsequently resulting immersion from newer and newer perspectives. Imagination with regard to artist as well as viewer is the most important thing in art. Precisely this creative ability shall be addressed when viewing my paintings. 

Creating something beautiful succeeds in a relaxed atmosphere. The idea is in my head when I see the white canvas, and I intuitively get involved with the painting process. There is almost a concept in the forefront. However, the actual final product can be far cry from the initial idea in the painting phase.

Geometry has a fixed mathematical form – it is calculable. It stimulates me to pry open that geometry and to make it incalculable for the viewer – mysterious, chaotic and yet harmonious. This conveys depth, combines and interweaves the elements so that a three-dimensional impression emerges, but which does not have to be consistent. Concentric surfaces, hard and soft flow of lines, high-contrast painting and above all the passion for detail strengthen this impression.

My paintings shall baffle and fascinate the viewer so that she/he is carried off into my world and engages in the game of discovering my paintings. The greater the accuracy of perception is, the more she/he will discover in my paintings.